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When it comes to your security, you need a partner that you can trust. London Locks and Keys is the solution to all your lock and security needs. We have got you covered with a wide range of services, including installation, key cutting, door lock repair and replacement, CCTV and alarm system installation, and emergency locksmith services. Our [location] locksmiths are available 24/7 to quickly and efficiently solve any lock-related problem.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Lockouts can be stressful and potentially life-threatening in any setting - your home, business, or vehicle. Luckily, emergency locksmith services are available around-the-clock to assist those facing lockouts.

What are Emergency Locksmith Services?

Our Henlow locksmiths provide emergency services for immediate relief for individuals locked out of their homes, businesses or vehicles. These services are available 24 hours a day to assist those in distress due to lockout situations.

Advantages of 24/7 Locksmith Services Available Now

  1. Continuous Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of our Henlow emergency locksmith services is their round-the-clock availability. You can rely on them whenever help is required - be it holidays or late at night! An emergency locksmith will always be there when needed.

  1. Fast Response Times

Our Henlow emergency locksmith services can offer peace of mind thanks to their quick response times. Lockouts can be highly traumatic experiences; being stuck outside late at night or in an unsafe area is distressful enough. With fast response times, our Henlow locksmiths will arrive at your location to get you safely back inside your Henlow home or vehicle as quickly as possible, helping reduce anxiety while keeping everyone secure and stress-free.

  1. Technical Expertise

Henlow locksmith services offer immense value because they're equipped with the tools and equipment to deal with various lockout scenarios quickly and effectively. Whether it be lost keys, locked inside your car or home or experiencing lock malfunction, an emergency locksmith can help get you back inside quickly and safely.

  1. Outstanding Customer Service

Emergency locksmiths are also trained in customer service excellence. They understand that lockout situations can be very distressful, so they strive to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease throughout the process. Furthermore, they advise preventing future lockouts from securing both Henlow homes and businesses.

Key Cutting Services

Key cutting is the practice of creating duplicate keys for existing locks. Locksmiths are trained and equipped to produce duplicate keys for various types of locks – residential and commercial alike. Key cutting involves duplicating an existing key, shaping it precisely to fit each lock type in question, coding if necessary, and testing to ensure everything functions properly.

The Key Cutting Process

  • Step One of Key Cutting | Duplication

The initial step in key cutting involves duplicating an existing key. Various methods are available to duplicate it manually, electronically, or laser duplication.

Manual duplication entails using a key-cutting machine to trace the shape of an existing key onto a blank key, while electronic reproduction involves scanning it into a computer and using a key-cutting machine to duplicate it.

Laser Duplication: Laser key duplication involves using a laser beam to cut new keys based on the shape of an existing key. Equipment Required for This Method of Key Creation includes key cutting machines, electronic key duplicators and laser key cutters.

  • Step 2: Key Shaping

Once a duplicate key has been created, it must be tailored to fit its associated lock. This involves trimming away any extra metal and shaping it to meet its grooves and ridges. For this step, the equipment needed includes key files, gauges, and vices.

Step 3: Key Coding

Modern locks often require coded keys with microchips embedded that communicate with the lock to allow access. Key coding involves programming new microchips to match existing codes on existing keys, requiring an electronic key coding machine and key programmer as essential equipment.

  • Step 4: Key Testing

 It must first be tested to ensure the new key works appropriately before being delivered to the customer. This involves inserting it into the lock and seeing if it opens/locks it successfully. For this step, the equipment required includes a lock pick set and tension wrench.

Benefits of Key-Cutting Services

  • Convenience

One of the key advantages of key-cutting services is their convenience. Losing or misplacing keys can be a serious hassle, and having duplicate keys on hand can save both time and hassle.

  • Enhanced Property Security

Key-cutting services can be an excellent way to increase property security. If unauthorised entry threatens your Henlow home or business, key cutting can efficiently restrict access and safeguard access.

  • Cost-Efficient

 Key-cutting services tend to be more cost-effective than replacing an entire lock, making key-cutting a more viable solution if you have lost or require additional keys for your property. If this option makes more financial sense for you, key cutting can provide a cost-efficient alternative than purchasing brand-new locks.

  • Professional Expertise

Our Henlow locksmiths possess the experience and equipment to produce high-quality duplicate keys for clients. Furthermore, their keys will always meet specifications exactly and accurately.

CCTV And Alarm System Installation

Home security has become a top priority in today's society, and CCTV cameras and alarms have become indispensable tools in protecting both property and people. We will cover both the benefits of installing CCTV and alarms in your home and how best to work with a Henlow locksmith when installing them.

Why Install CCTV and Alarms in Your Home?

  1. Deterrence

 One of the primary advantages of installing CCTV cameras and alarms in your home is their ability to deter potential intruders from breaking in. Their mere presence can put off intruders who might try breaking in; criminals are less likely to target houses that display visible security measures reducing the chances of break-ins.

  1. Monitoring

CCTV cameras offer a convenient and cost-effective way to remotely monitor your Henlow property anywhere worldwide using your smartphone or computer. Access to live feed allows you to monitor any suspicious activities immediately and take appropriate actions if needed.

  1. Evidence

 Should your home become burglarised, CCTV footage can provide crucial evidence for police to help identify intruders and bring charges against them. Since CCTV footage is admissible in court proceedings, its presence could help build an uncontestable case against these perpetrators, increasing the chances of conviction.

  1. Home Insurance

Installing CCTV cameras and alarms can lower your home insurance premiums. Insurance providers frequently offer discounts to homeowners who increase security on their Henlow property; by installing CCTV cameras and alarms, you are showing your commitment to improving home security while decreasing claims risks - ultimately leading to reduced premiums from insurance providers.

Installation Procedure of a Locksmith System

Installation of CCTV cameras and alarms may seem daunting, but with professional help, it should go smoothly. Here is a step-by-step guide on the installation process for locksmiths.

  1. Assessment

The initial step to start the installation process should be assessing your home security needs. Our Henlow locksmith will survey your property and suggest CCTV cameras and alarm systems tailored to meet them, considering factors like property size, entry points and desired level of protection.

  1. Installation

Once you have selected and purchased CCTV cameras and alarms, a locksmith will begin the installation process. The locksmith will strategically position cameras and sensors around your property to be as discreet as possible and not compromise the aesthetics of your home.

  1. Wiring

Our Henlow locksmith will then arrange to install concealed wiring for CCTV cameras and alarm systems in your home so as not to detract from its aesthetic appeal or risk damage during installation. In addition, your locksmith will ensure the cables are fully protected against potential damages during installation.

  1. Testing

Once installation is complete, the locksmith will thoroughly test all CCTV cameras and alarms to ensure they function as intended. They will provide instructions on how to use the system, live feed access information, and how to respond in case of suspicious activity.


How much does it cost to hire a locksmith?

The price depends upon the service you require; we offer competitive rates and will provide an estimated quote prior to beginning work. The average cost for most locksmith services in London is around £50 - £120. Installing a door frame will cost between £200 and £350.


What types of locks can you install?

We install all types of locks, from traditional to smart locks and access control systems. We will evaluate your property to provide advice about which solution would best meet your needs.


Can you replace a lost car key?

Yes. Our key cutting services offer fast and precise services for cutting all types of keys.


How long will it take to install a CCTV system?

Dependent upon the size and complexity of your system, we will provide an estimate based on your specific needs.


Do you offer warranties for your services?

Yes, all our products and services come with a warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work, and ensuring your complete satisfaction is always our goal.


Which areas in London do you serve?

Our coverage in London extends from the city centre and surrounding boroughs, covering all of it with ease.


Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. We provide free consultations to assess your lock and security needs and suggest the most suitable solutions for you.

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